Jedi Maker


Dietmar Luer

Owner of Jedi Maker Praia de Mira, Portugal
Jedi Maker is a digital arts business specializing in personalized Star Wars-themed artwork sought to establish an ecommerce store, faced hurdles due to limited tech know-how, time constraints, and past unsuccessful outsourcing experiences.

challenges Faced

Before partnering with Apex Outsourcing, Jedi Maker faced critical challenges:

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Not being tech-savvy, which made it challenging to set up an ecommerce store with specific functionalities.

Time Constraints

Busy schedule limited the time available for learning and managing the project yourself.

Previous Bad Experiences

Past attempts to hire someone online for such projects ended in disappointment or non-realization of the project

Collaboration with Apex Outsourcing

Recognizing the need for online solution, Jedi decided to collaborate with Apex Outsourcing for web design and development, project management, Shopify store management. The partnership yielded :

Outcomes Achieved:

The collaboration between Jedi Maker and Apex Outsourcing yielded remarkable results:


Apex Outsourcing’s adept handling of the project transformed the client’s business landscape. Their ability to comprehend the vision, manage the project seamlessly, and exceed expectations alleviated past concerns. This successful collaboration not only delivered an outstanding ecommerce platform but also restored the client’s faith in outsourcing partnerships, prompting further engagements for future projects.

Apex Outsourcing transformed my Jedi Maker digital arts business by expertly crafting a seamless ecommerce store tailored to my Star Wars-themed personalized products. Their adept team grasped my vision effortlessly, exceeding expectations while requiring minimal supervision. With past disappointments in outsourcing, Apex stood out with flawless project management, allowing me to focus on core business concerns. Their reliability prompted me to start another project. A truly exceptional service that saved my time and resources; and delivered beyond belief.


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