Maria Tome

Owner of Beenito Praia de Mira, Portugal
In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, establishing a successful online presence can be a daunting task, especially for business owners navigating unfamiliar technological landscapes. Beenito, an emerging merchandising business, encountered significant hurdles in managing their online stores efficiently. Prior to partnering with Apex Outsourcing, the challenges he faced were multifaceted, ranging from technical limitations to time constraints and the need for comprehensive operational support.

challenges Faced

Before partnering with Apex Outsourcing, Beenito faced critical challenges:

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Lack of technical expertise in establishing and managing an e-commerce platform

Time Constraints

Time constraints due to existing business commitments

Solution To Complex Digital Management

Complexity in order processing, customer support, and social media management

Collaboration with Apex Outsourcing

Recognizing the need for online solution, Beenito decided to collaborate with Apex Outsourcing for project management and comprehensive operational support. The partnership was aimed at:

Outcomes Achieved:

The collaboration between Beenito and Apex Outsourcing yielded remarkable results:


The collaboration between Beenito and Apex Outsourcing exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships. By entrusting Apex with the complexities of online operations, Beenito successfully overcame its initial challenges and achieved remarkable results. The seamless execution of projects, optimized online presence, and the introduction of a competent VA not only streamlined operations but also empowered Beenito to thrive in their traditional business while efficiently managing their online ventures. This alliance with Apex Outsourcing not only resolved immediate challenges but paved the way for sustained growth and scalability in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Let me tell you about Apex Outsourcing – these guys are next level! My skeptism with outsourcing? Goodbye! Their systems? Flawless. From setting up my killer Beenito Shopify site to juggling Etsy and Printify, they nailed it. But here's the kicker: their approach isn't one-size-fits-all. Nope, they tailor everything to fit your needs perfectly. And that Virtual Assistant they hooked me up with? A total game-changer. It's like having a personalized support squad! Apex's attention to detail and personalized service? They've seriously taken my business to new heights. If you want top-notch e-commerce support, these are your people!


Access to Skilled Workforce
Our outsourcing solutions connect you with proficient professionals in the Philippines, ensuring a seamless extension of your team.


Cost-Efficient Operations
By outsourcing tasks, you unlock significant cost savings without compromising quality, bolstering your bottom line while maintaining operational excellence.


Scalable Solutions
APEX’s tailored approach grows with your business, adapting to evolving needs and ensuring sustained efficiency throughout your journey.

How APEX Redefines Outsourcing


Enhanced Efficiency
Our approach taps into the specialized skills and capabilities available in the Philippines, boosting your operational efficiency. By delegating non-core tasks, your business can concentrate on what matters most, ensuring sustained growth and success.


Expert Virtual Assistant Services
From small businesses to large enterprises, our meticulous recruitment process in the Philippines guarantees access to top-tier Virtual Assistants. Let us manage the process while you enjoy the benefits of a proficient remote workforce.


Unmatched Cost Savings
Whether you’re a growing SMB or an established corporation, APEX guarantees up to 70% reduction in operational costs while enhancing productivity, quality, and revenue. Our services are designed to scale with your business, delivering substantial savings at every step.


Resource Optimization
Outsourcing from the Philippines, we harness the expertise of a talented workforce, allowing your business to focus on its core functions. This streamlined approach fosters growth and innovation, irrespective of your business size.


Why Choose APEX


Tailored Solutions for All Sizes
Whether you’re an SMB or a large corporation, our solutions are custom-fit to meet your unique requirements.


Philippines-Based Outsourcing
By outsourcing from the Philippines, we provide access to a skilled workforce at a fraction of the cost, ensuring quality without compromise.


Proven Excellence
Trusted by businesses of varying sizes, our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to providing exceptional outsourcing solutions.

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