Founder and Director of APEX Outsourcing

About Mathieson Moller

Born and raised in the scenic capital city of Wellington, New Zealand, I have gathered a wealth of experience from managing multi-million-dollar developments to overseeing my own personal projects.

My prior and current experience ranges from the following


At the forefront of innovative startup projects, my focus has been on crafting creative solutions to address challenges encountered by both businesses and individuals

New Zealand Leading Project Manager

As a leading Project Manager for a major New Zealand property developer, I successfully delivered over 180 homes, totaling a value exceeding $130 million NZD

Real Estate Investor

As a real estate investor, I have gained invaluable financial management skills and adeptness in overseeing people, both contributing significantly to my managerial capabilities..

The Founding of APEX Outsourcing

The journey of APEX Outsourcing started with my personal business projects to working for a large corporation and the challenges that most western enterprises of all scales face.

During the starting days of my entrepreneurial journey, I ran into a main problem. Costs and labor.

The initial upfront and running costs proved almost unsustainable, leading to slim profit margins. Creating a website incurred a significant expense of tens of thousands of dollars, while the development of a logo amounted to just $3,000 NZD. Costs like this are normal in Western countries.

These financial challenges nearly led to abandoning my entrepreneurial journey, prompting me to seek alternative solutions. It was during this period that I discovered the transformative power of Outsourcing, a crucial tool for any business.

I started by outsourcing globally, from Asia to Europe and Africa, allowing me to delegate tasks and mundane jobs, significantly reducing my workload and enabling me to focus on crucial responsibilities. While I encountered both positive and negative aspects of Outsourcing, the undeniable benefit that stood out was the substantial savings in both time, money and an access to abundance of talents.

In a high-ranking managerial role within a large corporation, I saw first hand the significant challenges, particularly the exorbitant costs associated with hiring Western employees and the ongoing struggle to secure skilled and reliable labor.

To trim staffing costs, broaden the labor pool, and enhance quality, our company established an office in the Philippines. As a Project Manager, I gained support from assistant project managers, quantity surveyors, and additional staff, enabling me to focus on core tasks effectively. This strategic move not only resulted in substantial cost savings but also exponentially increased overall efficiency and effectiveness for the company and myself, with one-third of our operations now successfully offshored.

In my journey, I experienced both sides of Outsourcing, navigating its dynamics as both an entrepreneur and within the framework of a large corporation.

As a front-runner, I’ve observed numerous startups and SMEs turning to outsourcing for cost reduction, only to be disappointed due to a lack of prior knowledge and experience in sourcing proficient offshoring staff. Issues such as communication barriers, language disparities, and quality concerns arise, and turning to local options proves to be prohibitively expensive.

At APEX, we’ve conducted thorough due diligence, ensuring that skilled staff is readily available for your needs. We streamline the process by assigning you a dedicated Project Manager and Team, making everything seamless and time-efficient for you.

As both an employer of offshoring staff and a firsthand experience as an employee in a large corporation that incorporated offshoring staff alongside me, I have gained valuable insights and lessons to enhance and maximize overall staff effectiveness.

Whether you require 1, 10, 20, or more staff, we house all employees in controlled office environments capable of operating 24/7, with on-site supervisors ensuring maximum effectiveness and substantial cost reduction. We also offer remote positions for those who are looking for part time or if we need to gather a larger talent pool.

Having witnessed both the positive and less favorable aspects of Outsourcing, I founded APEX Outsourcing to exclusively deliver the beneficial side of Outsourcing to businesses of all sizes

Why I chose to Outsource in the Philippines

Having prior experience in a corporate environment that offshored in the Philippines, coupled with hands-on collaboration with Filipinos in the real estate development sector and my personal projects, the decision to choose the Philippines for our operations was evident The Philippines offers a vast talent pool characterized by English literacy, language fluency, strong work ethics, teamwork, positive attitudes, and robust family morals and values—everything essential for business owners seeking exceptional staff

APEX Outsourcing is here to help you win!

APEX Outsourcing delivers tailored solutions to businesses globally, with a primary focus on YOU! Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your business success by substantially reducing both upfront and ongoing costs through Positive Outsourcing.